Value through InnovationOctober 24 2016

Our People, Our Culture

For more than 125 years our mission to deliver Value through Innovation to patients, customers, communities and employees, has guided our way of working together. Our distinct corporate culture is rooted in our belief that in order to be successful we must have a strong partnership with our people.

Delivering Value Through Innovation

We are gratified that our annual employee engagement survey continues to rank us high in several key categories. And in areas where our employees tell us that improvement is needed, we work with them to understand the issues and make appropriate changes.

Learn more about our culture and corporate vision including work-life balance, diversity & inclusion, and the code of conduct that is used at Boehringer Ingelheim.

Our Culture and Corporate Vision

  • Work-Life Balance

    The commitment, competence, and creative power of our people, sustained for well over a century, have made Boehringer Ingelheim a first-class, fast-growing pharmaceutical corporation. This is reflected in the energy and innovation of more than 47,000 employees, globally. We offer our employees demanding and challenging tasks, but also balance between work and private life.

  • Diversity & Inclusion at Boehringer Ingelheim

    At Boehringer Ingelheim, we recognize that our strength and competitive advantage are, in part, the result of our commitment to sustaining a corporate culture that encourages diversity in all aspects of the business, whether that be in the diversity of the background of our employees, of thoughts and ideas, or in the diversity of our partners and suppliers.

  • Code of Conduct

    Our Corporate Code of Conduct incorporates our high ethical standards and provides day-to-day guidance and a point of reference for all employees.

"Our success depends on a diverse and talented workforce"

Paul Fonteyne

Paul Fonteyne - President and CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim USA (Country Managing Director)

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